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Spot shipping when to use it

When to use Spot shipping

What is Spot shipping? Spot shipping, spot-buy freight,  spot rates, spot freight market… you may have come across and read about these logistic terms.Spot shipping

The CO2 emissions tax in Germany

What will it imply for road freight? The German Federal Government is planning to expand the road toll by introducing a CO2 emissions tax. This

When to choose for air freight

Air freight

Advantages, types and challenges As the name suggests, air freight includes all goods that are transported through airspace. In terms of the weight of the

Digital freight forwarding explained

The expansion of the e-commerce industry and 24/7 global trading possibilities have fostered the growth of the global digital freight forwarding industry. Market instability and supply

Increasing supply chain resilience

Are reshoring and friend-shoring the solution? Businesses and nations are looking for ways to become more resilient and secure their supply chains. The global disruptions

How to manage time-sensitive shipments

Time-sensitive shipping can be crucial for numerous companies in different industries. Automotive manufacturers are dependent upon many suppliers. A delay in the delivery of a

Real-time tracking made easy

Carrier platform Rubiwin starts partnership with ZeKju In today’s freight world, tracking and tracing is the standard norm to create real-time visibility.  To ensure tracking