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How to optimize and grow your carrier business?

As a carrier you might be facing the following challenges.

Inefficiencies and miscommunication due to limited digitalization

Clear workflows and processes providing advanced visibility on tasks, simplifying operations and increasing productivity.

Late and complex invoicing process

Automated standardized invoicing process, improving speed and efficiency

Lack of visibility on delivery performance

Real-time data-driven insights, route optimization and in-app performance metrics.

Challenges in optimizing operations and profitability

Convenient solutions to optimize operations and profits

Limited insights into overall demand for transportation

Transparency on shippers’ requests and prices

DriverTech is often lacking features, poorly integrated and inconvenient to use

Integrated systems with strong interoperability with other software to add digitally augmented in-app features and complementary services.

Difficult access to large networks of shippers

Connection with shippers demand to provide access to large volumes of transportation.

The Rubiwin platform is a Transport Management System for carriers and offers access to a wide range of shipment flows and requests with transparent rules.

Rubiwin solutions include an intuitive application to accompany the driver in the transport execution. No more loose ends – everything connected into one system.

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