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Carrier platform Rubiwin starts partnership with ZeKju

In today’s freight world, tracking and tracing is the standard norm to create real-time visibility. 

To ensure tracking compliance European drivers are requested to download a lot of different tracking apps. This can result in lower adoption rates and usage because the installation, registration and onboarding can be time-consuming. Rubiwin, the carrier platform of Redspher, was looking for a user-friendly alternative for drivers and carriers to ensure 100% tracking compliance.

Rubiwin has found the perfect solution and is happy to announce its partnership with ZeKju.

ZeKju offers a digital, app-free and GDPR compliant tracking solution with a high degree of flexibility. It connects perfectly with popular and widely used messenger apps such as Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp. The technology eliminates the need for drivers to install another tracking app on their phone or any additional software for dispatchers.

ZeKju makes it very easy for drivers to adopt and start using the GPS tracking in a fast and efficient way. Via their favorite messenger, they can easily share their exact location, communicate via chat and share digitally images of transport documents. 

Especially for carriers without proper telematics systems, they can now automatically communicate their position via the application.  All information is routed via secure ZeKju servers to safeguard data privacy management and data security. The ZeKju solution contributes to the end-to-end digitalization process of the Redspher platform. E.g. digital transmissions of transport documents can be arranged directly from the driver towards the Rubiwin carrier platform.

Tim Moonen, Fleet Manager at Rubiwin states:“With ZeKju, we are now able to offer an app-free tracking solution to our carriers and drivers, next to our apps Easy2Trace and Shippeo.  ZeKju is very easy to implement, and the driver has full control over it. At the same time, this key solution contributes to achieving a complete real-time tracking view.” 

ZeKju is fully integrated into the TMS system of Rubiwin, creating a seamless user experience for the dispatchers of Redspher.

Co-founder of ZeKju, Max-Alexander Borreck comments:“We are very happy to work with Redspher! From day 1 onwards, the Redspher team was convinced of ZeKju’s vision of an app-free transport execution digitalization. Together, we have developed a solution that will help close visibility gaps for the customers of Redspher”. 

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