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Your digital marketplace
for time-sensitive delivery

Simple and efficient

Make your time-sensitive transports as simple and efficient as possible

Easy4Pro is the digital marketplace for transport procurement, engineered to simplify your organization’s logistics processes and to save costs while providing the right market insights. It functions as a marketplace, for shippers to buy on-demand transports, for carriers to sell their solutions and if desired, as a full control tower powered by our tech team.


What can we do for you?

  Procure from compliant vendors
  Ensure the best solution (price & quality)
  Manage budgets and approvals
  Tracking and follow up



 Powerful Business Intelligence tool
 Transport desk management
 Invoice centralisation (pay Easy4Pro who will pay your carriers)

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What are the benefits for shippers

Transport mode & smart invitations

 Benchmark every transport you buy
 Invite your own suppliers or work with our vetted carriers
 Enforce your procurement procedures

One place, all solutions

Retrieve and centralize all your rate cards
Increase competition amongst suppliers via reverse auction
4PL control tower possibilities

Compliance oriented

Set up your own approval flows
Connect via APIs/EDIs to your ERP or TMS.

Powerful analytics

Simple reporting or in depth Business Intelligence
Track performance and cost-saving per location
Monitor carrier performance