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How to manage time-sensitive shipments



Time-sensitive shipping can be crucial for numerous companies in different industries. Automotive manufacturers are dependent upon many suppliers. A delay in the delivery of a car part can result in costly production line stops. Or a vital spare part for a broken down machine that needs to be delivered to a client during the peak season of harvesting. Or what about high value goods that need to be delivered at a specific time and location for a trade show? These specific urgent or sensitive freight needs can occur. Therefore having a proper transport process in place to handle these is necessary.

What is a time-sensitive shipment?

A time-sensitive shipment is a transport that needs to be done in a shorter time frame than regular transport modes. It often involves high value goods or complex shipments that need special or customized handling. Not every time-sensitive shipment is urgent nor does it require the most expensive transport solution. In general, these shipments get priority and will be handled as sensitive cargo. Next to speed of delivery, the service for these type of shipments offers the following benefits:

Guaranteed delivery 

Time-sensitive transport services secure that your shipment arrives on the indicated time or specified time window at the exact desired location. It is the combination of speed and precision that sets the first difference between time- sensitive transport and other modes of transport.

Additional security and visibility

As these shipments are handled as sensitive freight, they get a faster delivery and additional security. The service provides control against damage and theft during the shipment. Most time-sensitive transport providers offer track & trace services as a standard. These features offer accurate communication flows between sites or customers. And above all, a peace of mind.

24/7 support and access

While other transport services can have limited service hours, time-sensitive shipping guarantees support around the clock. This offers flexibility in handling transport needs during the night, weekends or holidays. Often digital tools such as digital platforms are available that offer real-time transport solutions and tracking services as well.

What to consider when organizing a time-sensitive freight shipment

Here are 5 tips to consider when arranging your time-sensitive shipment:

1 – Quality of the carrier

To ensure a proper delivery of your freight it is important to select the right carrier. Don’t look at the cheapest price only but take the following requirements into account. The carrier needs to:

  • Have a record showing consistently perfect service and on time deliveries.
  • Clearly understand and respect your shipment requirements and safeguard the freight at all times.
  • Be experienced and have the right equipment 
  • Have the technology in place for you to track and trace the shipment 24/7
  • Have a low amount of freight claims

2 – Freight insurance

Check the value of the shipment and how the freight insurance is arranged. Who is liable for the shipment and is it necessary? Depending on the type of goods an additional insurance can be advised to protect against shipment delay, damage or loss. 

3 – Additional services

Determined by the type of goods and requirements, additional services can be needed. Think about temperature-controlled storage, lift services for loading and unloading, or special requirements to transport dangerous goods. Maybe a two-man driver team is needed for an abnormal load or to ensure the constant motion of your freight. If you need advice for your time-sensitive shipment, involve a logistics expert or support team.

4 – Digital solutions

Digital transport solutions can make shipping easier and more efficient. Save time and costs by using tools that are available to you 24/7 and are specialized in time-sensitive shipping. For example a digital platform to instantly search and compare shipment solutions and prices based upon your requirements. You can book the best solution yourself which provides control and transparency. 

An essential functionality to have is the track & trace option for your shipments, preferably in one overview. This way you can keep the involved stakeholders informed and proactively respond when errors occur. In addition, electronic documentation and e-invoicing is valuable to have. Always accessible and easily to share with the necessary stakeholders, it contributes to a seamless process and transparency.

5 – Experience and reliability

There is no room for errors in managing these types of shipments. It’s important to choose a logistics partner that is experienced, has a proven track record and a large network of carriers and partners. Finding the right partner takes time. Also make sure that you select a digital solution that is safe, reliable and easy to use.

At Redspher we have over 40 years of experience in handling time-sensitive shipments throughout Europe and beyond. Our digital freight forwarding platform offers an easy way to find, book and track your time-sensitive shipments. In addition we have a team of transport experts who offer around the clock support.

Feel free to get in touch with us to answer any questions. Or would you like to know more about our digital freight forwarding platform? Request a short demo here>.

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