Multiple shipments offers: 15,000 verified carriers: All of Europe: 40 years of expertise:  Your shipping solution: One click away

Shipper Portal is the real-time booking platform for urgent shipments across Europe.

Just enter your addresses and desired delivery time, and within 3 minutes you receive tailored and guaranteed offers from our 15,000 verified carriers. Compare prices and delivery times and book the solution that fits your transport needs best. And with a single click, your shipment is on its way. It’s that simple.

Multiple personalized offers, within 3 minutes

Choose from real-time, tailored offers from 15,000 verified carriers.

Guaranteed prices and delivery times

What you see is what you get: All offers, prices, and delivery times are guaranteed.

24/7 service from experienced specialists

Benefit from year-round support by Redspher’s logistics experts.

How it works in 4 easy steps


Place your shipment request

Enter pick-up and delivery addresses in Google Maps, or from your address book.

Choose the package type & specify the amount and dimensions. The platform automatically selects the perfect vehicle based on your specifications.

Prefer a different option?
No problem! Easily choose your preferred vehicle type, as well as additional services, such as a second driver, tail lift and more.


Receive multiple personalized offers within minutes

Sit and watch as the Shipper Portal provides you with real-time offers from different, verified carriers within just 3 minutes. Compare prices and delivery times and select the solution that fits your transport needs best.


Book your solution instantly

Select your preferred offer by clicking ‘Choose Offer’. Fill in the final delivery details and any instructions for the supplier. Hit the ‘Order’ button, and voila – your shipment is on its way!


Get full insight into your shipment details

In your personalized dashboard, you get a clear overview of all relevant shipment details. Follow your shipment with track-and-trace, manage documentation, and handle invoicing – all in one convenient place.

Why users choose Redspher’s Shipper Portal


Fast, reliable, and cost effective

Compare multiple real-time shipments offers and choose the carrier that suits your request. With over 15,000 verified and compliant carriers, there is a perfect fit for your shipment needs. Every single time. You can count on our carriers to transport your goods safely, from pick-up to delivery. And what you see is what you get: All offers, prices, and delivery times are guaranteed.


24/7 support from experienced specialists

Trust on Redspher’s 40+ years of industry experience. Our dedicated support teams are available around the clock, 365 days a year. And when our experts pick up the phone: They speak your language. Understand your specific needs. And provide immediate assistance to help you in your logistics journey.


Place your order in 1 minute

Embrace simplicity with our user-friendly platform that lets you place your order in less than 1 minute. But it’s more than just order placement – the Shipper Portal provides a comprehensive overview of your shipping history, essential documents, invoices, and data. All geared towards optimizing your processes.


Shipping solutions you can trust

With a 97% on-time delivery rate, you can rest assured your shipment will reach its destination on time. You can count on our carriers to transport your goods safely, from pick-up to delivery. Stay updated with our advanced track-and-trace systems, alerting you and your customers of any important developments within 15 seconds. Transparency is our promise.

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About Redspher

For 40 years, we've constantly adapted our services to meet the evolving demands and needs of our customers.

We began as a regional carrier and later expanded into a premium European freight forwarder. In 2015, we leveraged digital technology to broaden our reach and expertise into niche transportation markets. Today, we proudly offer a unified, user-friendly platform that provides seamless on-demand shipping services to shippers and carriers alike.

40 years of expertise and experience

Trust our expertise and experience as a carrier and a freight forwarder.

European coverage, with local service

Experience our local service, with 37 offices spread across Europe.

Integrated shipping solutions

Experience our digital and physical dimensions, with our 6 integrated brands.